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First Aid at Work Level 3 (VTQ) - FAW 

First Aid at Work Level 3 (VTQ) - FAW is ideal for businesses that require a fully trained first aider in the workplace.

All courses meet the new guidelines set out by the HSE in October 2003 and meet the requirements of the First Aid at Work (First Aid) regulations 1981 and subsequent 2016 changes.

The course is 18 hours delivered over 3 days and the certificate is valid for 3 years. 

The minimum age for anyone attending the classroom course is 16 years old.

The content of the course has been independently certified as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines and come with a Certified CPD Statement.

Occupations that use this course:

  • Factories

  • Construction and Building

  • High Risk Business

  • Agriculture

  • Manufacturing

  • Any workplace where a higher level of training is required

First Aid at Work Level 3 (VTQ) - FAW for Forestry 

First Aid at Work Level 3 (VTQ) - FAW for Forestry is an advancement on the FAW course specifically designed  for those who work in the Forestry industry.

This version of the FAW-F course includes extra subjects required by the Forestry Commission - Severe cuts, crush injuries, Hypothermia, and Lyme disease. Also included to comply with the latest HSE and ERC guidelines, are Tourniquets and Haemostatic dressings.


The course is 20 contact hours run over a 3 day period, the certificate lasts 3 years. 

Occupations that use this course:

  • Forestry Workers

  • Hauliers

  • Tree Surgeons

  • Felling

First Aid at Work Level 3 (VTQ) - FAW Blended Courses 

In May 2016 the HSE and Awarding Organisations announced that the computer based blended training is now allowed for all workplace first aid courses. You can now become a fully trained qualified First Aider in the workplace with 2 days of classroom training after completing the online course.

A blended FAW course meets all of the requirements under the HSE and Awarding Organisations and is available as a ProTrainings or Regulated Qualification.

First Aid at Work Level 3 (VTQ) - FAW Renewal 

As long as the qualification period has not elapsed, you can renew your qualification over a 2 day (12 hour) period.

This applies for any of the FAW courses.

First Aid at Work Level 3 (VTQ) - FAW Blended Renewal 

As for the full course, the renewal can now be conducted in the blended format, this involves online learning followed by a classroom course.

The classroom segment is conducted over a 1 day (6 hour) period.

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